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Joomla Community Magazine - February 2018 Issue

Helping members of the Joomla! community connect with each other and share their stories. We would love to publish yours!
  • Neue Designsprache für Joomla! 4.0
    Die Joomla! World Conference 2017 in Rom war ein grosser Moment, um über die Zukunft des Projekts zu diskutieren. Oh welch Überraschung: es bekam hauptsächlich den "Joomla! 4"-Stempel aufgedrückt. Im Rahmen der Konferenz wurde Chiara Aliotta eingeladen, am Marketing Sprint teilzunehmen. Sie hatte einen ganzen Tag Gelegenheit, mit den Leitern und Mitgliedern des Marketing-Teams zusammenzuarbeiten. Diese sind für die Entwicklung der Joomla! 4 Marketingkampagne verantwortlich. Gemeinsam haben sie viele Ideen besprochen und diskutiert, Prognosen gewagt und Erwartungen formuliert, um die gesteckten Ziele möglichst realistisch und erreichbar zu machen.  

  • GDPR Awareness: From privacy risks to the need for countermeasures
    Nowadays, due to the advances of information and communication technologies in conjunction with the so-called social web, the amount of personal data that users are sharing publicly is continuously increasing. We are witnessing the phenomenon of the development of an online "heaven" of personal data sharing that can be potentially transformed to a personal "hell" for any individual or company. At the same time, cybercriminals are becoming even more sophisticated and malicious users can in many ways track and/or spy other users at their online activities.

  • An Eventful Spring for Joomla
    As the seasons change, with cooler weather signalling the end to a very hot and dry summer here in Cape Town, and the Spring Equinox in Northern Hemisphere is upon us, we look forward to some of the larger Joomla events of the year.

  • Sandra Decoux, Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator
    This month we find out more about Sandra Decoux, the Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator for Joomla.

  • New AbandonWare Category
     Abandonware is a term used for a piece of software that is no longer developed or supported by the original author.  In the Joomla-world, abandonware can include third party extensions such as components, modules, plugins, templates and/or libraries.